Key Skills for 11th November, 2016

LO: To develop understanding and rehearse spelling of homophones.

The Year 4 team have noticed that lots of children are struggling to use the correct homophone in their writing or that if they are using the correct word are spelling it wrong. With things like this practise makes perfect!

This week’s task is to design a poster which explains the difference between the meaning of homophones but which also gives some clever ways of remembering how to spell the words. Be as creative as you can be with your posters as we may be able to use some of them in our classrooms to help the rest of the class too! If you are struggling for ideas, there are lots of ideas and examples on the internet.

The most common homophones we have been noticing that are causing an issue are:

There, their, they’re

Which, witch

To, two, too

Were, Where, we’re

Key skills: 4th November, 2016.

L.O: to develop a quick recall of the times tables facts

This week’s key skills involves a little bit of maths learning every day.  All across the country, the expectation is that by the end of year 4, children will know all their times tables facts up to 12×12.  We have some work to do!

You have been given a target times table to learn.  You need to know the facts like you know your name… you don’t have to sit and work out your name when asked.  You need to be able to answer a times table question with less than 3 seconds thinking time.

To do this:

  1. Use tables master (Google’ tables master’ or use this link: to work on your target times table.
  2. Choose your target times table and answer the questions.
  3. Keep a record of your progress in the grid we have given you. Write down your time and your slowest fact.
  4. Repeat the same times table 5 times every day. Aim to beat your time on each occasion.
  5. At the end of your tables master workout, look carefully to find ut which of your facts you need to work hard to learn. Repeat it to yourself over and over. Say it to your self while you jump or clean your teeth. Can you think of a quick silly sentence to help you remember it?
  6. If you can answer 20 questions accurately in about 40 seconds, you are ready to move on to the next times table.

10 x table can move to 5 x table                      3 x table can move to 4 x table

4 x table can move to 8 x table                        5 x table can move to 2 x table

Starting a new term in Mozart Class

Hello Mozart Class

I can’t wait to welcome you back to school tomorrow and hear all about your half term adventures.  I thought I would remind you that we start the term off with swimming first thing tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to bring your swimming kit including a hat (if you have one) and a towel.  You will need a coat to walk to the pool and back again.

See you tomorrow!


Saree Instructions

This week we have been watching tutorial videos about how to wear a saree. We had a set of instructions to read and follow to dress Lara in a saree. Our next challenge was to write our own version. We had to think about imperative verbs we might use – hold, pass, tuck, fold, drape. We also talked about using time connectives – first, next, after that, finally.


Times Tables Success!

We have been very impressed by the creativity of all the children with their times tables key skills task. The children have enjoyed sharing their activities and giving tips for possible improvements.

Special mentions go to…

Ollie for his prototyping, he tested and adjusted his game with Dad.

Max, who persevered when playing his game, even though he kept landing on the snakes!

Ash who produced a fantastic online scratch game.

Lara who gave a great explanation of the objective of her game.

Joe, who produced a very thoughtful crossword that gave a great challenge to Stefan to solve.

Well done Mozart!


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Fab blogging Mozart!

Thank you for an amazing response to the blog last week. We were very impressed by some of the ideas around the sunset scene. It was great to see that children who were unable to access the blog, had recorded their ideas in their key skills book. Keep up the great work at home Mozart!

Key Skills – Maths

L.O: To rehearse times table facts

Design an activity to help your classmates practise their times tables facts. You need to address the facts from your own times tables target. Check your prototype to develop your final product.

In class, we have discussed different approaches and outcomes. Ideas included making a scratch game, pairs, bingo, a maze, a quiz… We will be testing and evaluating the activities in class next week. If you need any resources, please just come and ask!