The first of many…

Hello Mozart Class,

What a busy beginning to a new term! I have loved every moment of getting to know the Mozart families and Simon de Senlis children and staff. All the more exciting now I can post pictures and updates of the amazing work that has been going on in Mozart class since September. Here’s to a happy and successful year ahead. Mrs Baker

Key skills for Friday 9th June, 2017

Hello Mozart Class!

What a busy first week we have had: learning and reasoning about perimeter, investigating tooth decay and writing well structured and interesting  paragraphs.

This week, key skills is much as it has been for the last few months: read with an adult three times a week, on your own on the other days.  Practise your times tables and your spellings daily.

Mrs D and Mrs R Mrs Manssen Mrs Jacznik




















Please learn the same spellings as Mrs Manssen’s group. In addition list as many other words as you can for the ly suffix.

For those who fancy a little extra, there is some work on Roman Numerals.

Have a lovely weekend too!

Mrs R 🙂  and Mrs D 🙂




Half term key skills

Hello Mozart Class

After another half term of fabulous learning, particularly the writing of those amazing Famous Five stories and popping them on to Sway, we know you are ready for a rest.  When we get back to school, there will be lots of new learning and you will need to know your times tables to help with this work.  You have worked hard all year to learn all the different facts but, to make sure you don’t forget them, you have to keep up the practice.  Key skills this week is to practise for 5-10 minutes everyday on ‘Tables Master’.  For the great many of you who now know all your times tables, you need to make sure you go back over each of the times tables again this week.  Why not try one a day and make sure you go back and try to beat your scores?  Avoid the ‘easy ones’ please and concentrate on the 6xt, 7xt, 8xt, 9xt and 12xt.

The other key skills task is on the e-safety letter below.  Please have a go at the activities listed and bring them back to school on the first day back.

As well as completing these key skills tasks, have a lovely holiday and stay safe. We will miss you this week and can’t wait to see you all in June!

From Mrs R and Mrs D 🙂


KS2 E-safety Key skills: Please bring it back on 5th June to start E-Safety week.

Below are a range of tasks to be completed with your child. Please show your support by taking the time to discuss the topic of E-safety with them and ensuring they are aware of its importance. Once each task has been discussed/ completed, please sign and date before returning to your child’s class teacher on 5th June. This work will contribute to children gaining their ‘Information for Parents’ badge as part of the SdS E-safety certificate. Don’t forget there are also two E-safety Parent sessions, led by Simon Aston from Northamptonshire County Council at the school at 9-10am and 5pm-6pm. These will be really beneficial sessions where he will be able to advise and bring up-to-date information regarding internet safety and your child. You can also raise any concerns or queries that you have. We hope to see you there and would urge you to come.


Key skills for Friday 3rd February

Read every single day including your 3 reads out loud to an adult.  Write your reading events in your yellow book.

Practise your spellings every day. This week’s spellings are below.

The spellings this week have been taken from the words we have worked on in our spelling groups:

Mrs Denby’s group Most children will try these Some children will try these as well


























Practise your times tables target several times each day using the tables master.  Remember to start by revisiting one of your old times tables just to check that you haven’t forgotten it.

If you would like to challenge yourself still further, have a go at the ‘Play to 37’ challenge.

Key skills for Friday 13th January

This week for key skills, as for every week this half term, we would like you to do the following:

Read every single day. Remember that our school expectation is that children will read every day at home.  Three of these daily reading events per week should be reading aloud and to an adult. Don’t forget to record every single one of your reading events in your yellow reading record book.

Practise your spellings every day.  This week’s spellings have been taken from the year 3 and 4 spelling list.  Don’t forget to revisit your old spellings too.  We would recommend that you learn a new spelling today, tomorrow learn another new spelling and practise today’s spelling too.  On Sunday, learn a third new spelling and practise the two you have learnt already.

This week’s spellings are below.

  • All of you will try these: believe, busy, bicycle, difficult, eight
  • Most will do these as well:   breathe, continue, complete, although, disappear
  • Some might like these too:  accident, actually, calendar, business, experience

Practise your times tables several times each day using tables master.  Record your progress on the sheet and remember that we are aiming for a time of 40 seconds for those 20 questions.

For those of you who would like an extra challenge… why not have a go at the 24 hour clock jigsaw?   If you haven’t picked one up yet, ask me for one next week.

Who was Shakespeare?

After Christmas, we have a whole school topic based around a famous play called ‘The Tempest’. This play was one of many written by William Shakespeare.  Shakespeare lived about 500 years ago but I am not going to tell you anything more about him.  Part of your Christmas key skills is to find out about William Shakespeare- who he was, where he lived, which people made up his family, what life was like for William, his friends and his countrymen.  Can you find any facts about this famous man that nobody else in our class has found?

You can present your work in any way you choose: a power point, a sway, a poster, a booklet, a comic strip, a newspaper article… the choices are endless and entirely up to you.

The home learning needs to be brought back to school on January 5th and it will be shared with the rest of our class.


Remember to also:

  • Read three times a week over the holidays.  Maybe Father Christmas has put a book or two in your stocking- why not give those a try?
  • Practise your times tables.  Use tables master, hit the button, sing songs, make up fun facts or impress your relatives by answering their questions at top speed!
  • Learn 10 more of the year 3 and 4 spelling words.

Terrific Times Tables!

Well done to everyone who worked so hard last week to learn their times tables facts.  Some people managed to get their time down to 28 seconds- an amazing feat!  All that persistence really paid off and many of you who had starting times of over 200 seconds ended the week with times of about 40 seconds.  It shows what you can achieve when you practise and don’t give up!

You have so much to be proud of and we are very proud of you too.

Keep those times tables facts going now. Use them, don’t lose them!