Desk Tidies

The children began to use their skills as product developers in DT this afternoon; they were evaluating a range of different desk tidy options. They quickly identified the design strengths and weaknesses and began to think about how they would adopt and adapt some of their observations to make their own desk tidy.

The next part of the task is to collect as many suitable vessels at home that can be recycled to make the most effective desk tidy. We will be road-testing the desk tidies for a week and assessing their success.

We need small, clean items. Plastic bottles, toothpaste boxes or kitchen towel roll tubes are just a few examples. There are a few rules; non of the items must be glass, dirty or of an existing pencil tidy. Please could the children bring in any collected items next Thursday, 1st March in a named carrier bag.

Happy recycling!

Year 4 Clarinet Recital

Hopefully last week you received your invitation to our clarinet recital on Tuesday 28th November in the hall. We will start at 2.30 promptly. It’s time to celebrate all of our hard work and practise! We look forward to seeing you there!


Please come and have a look through our classroom window! We have lined up our clay Greek theatre masks on the windowsill to dry. Having planned our designs, thought about the expressions and considered all of the different facial features – the end products are fantastic!

Well done Mozart class! Not only did you all work extremely hard with the clay you were very diligent when it was time to clean and tidy the classroom. Great work!

Anti-Bullying Week

This week is anti-bullying week. In Mozart class we are using Chloe’s story in Mr Stink to think about how we would react or support someone who is being bullied.

Tomorrow we will be sharing our ideas about how we can support a friend with worries.

So far all the children have been thoughtful, caring and very sensible in their discussions. Well done Mozart class!

Maths homework this week

What maths can you see?

Just in case you were wondering what the maths Key Skills activity is about this week…

We are teaching the children to notice maths all around them; look for ways in everyday life to enjoy applying their knowledge and skills. So the image this week is set to generate conversation. Maybe the children will simply count the chocolates; they might notice the multiplication opportunity by counting the number of rows; they may ask questions: what if I ate one? what if all the dark chocolates were removed? The children can write the calculations they spot in the speech bubbles.

There may be other similar pieces of homework during the year. We hope that it prompts the children to notice the maths around them; speed restrictions, distance roadsigns; supermarket 3 for 2 offers; eggs in boxes; how do the different clocks faround the house show different times?

There’s no right or wrong answer – just ideas!


Very impressive progress during the clarinet lessons in Mozart, we have quickly moved on from the initial screeching to a tuneful note of E. Don’t forget clarinets tomorrow; hopefully there has been lots of practising at home! I’m looking forward to it Mozart!

The Dragon Slayer

In Year 4 we have been using a beautiful short film as a stimulus for our writing. We have had some amazing results and the children will be eager to share their writing with you during the TLCs before half term.

If in the meantime you would like to watch the 10 minute film together, here’s the link.