Maths homework this week

What maths can you see?

Just in case you were wondering what the maths Key Skills activity is about this week…

We are teaching the children to notice maths all around them; look for ways in everyday life to enjoy applying their knowledge and skills. So the image this week is set to generate conversation. Maybe the children will simply count the chocolates; they might notice the multiplication opportunity by counting the number of rows; they may ask questions: what if I ate one? what if all the dark chocolates were removed? The children can write the calculations they spot in the speech bubbles.

There may be other similar pieces of homework during the year. We hope that it prompts the children to notice the maths around them; speed restrictions, distance roadsigns; supermarket 3 for 2 offers; eggs in boxes; how do the different clocks faround the house show different times?

There’s no right or wrong answer – just ideas!

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