Half term key skills

Hello Mozart Class

After another half term of fabulous learning, particularly the writing of those amazing Famous Five stories and popping them on to Sway, we know you are ready for a rest.  When we get back to school, there will be lots of new learning and you will need to know your times tables to help with this work.  You have worked hard all year to learn all the different facts but, to make sure you don’t forget them, you have to keep up the practice.  Key skills this week is to practise for 5-10 minutes everyday on ‘Tables Master’.  For the great many of you who now know all your times tables, you need to make sure you go back over each of the times tables again this week.  Why not try one a day and make sure you go back and try to beat your scores?  Avoid the ‘easy ones’ please and concentrate on the 6xt, 7xt, 8xt, 9xt and 12xt.

The other key skills task is on the e-safety letter below.  Please have a go at the activities listed and bring them back to school on the first day back.

As well as completing these key skills tasks, have a lovely holiday and stay safe. We will miss you this week and can’t wait to see you all in June!

From Mrs R and Mrs D 🙂


KS2 E-safety Key skills: Please bring it back on 5th June to start E-Safety week.

Below are a range of tasks to be completed with your child. Please show your support by taking the time to discuss the topic of E-safety with them and ensuring they are aware of its importance. Once each task has been discussed/ completed, please sign and date before returning to your child’s class teacher on 5th June. This work will contribute to children gaining their ‘Information for Parents’ badge as part of the SdS E-safety certificate. Don’t forget there are also two E-safety Parent sessions, led by Simon Aston from Northamptonshire County Council at the school at 9-10am and 5pm-6pm. These will be really beneficial sessions where he will be able to advise and bring up-to-date information regarding internet safety and your child. You can also raise any concerns or queries that you have. We hope to see you there and would urge you to come.


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