Who was Shakespeare?

After Christmas, we have a whole school topic based around a famous play called ‘The Tempest’. This play was one of many written by William Shakespeare.  Shakespeare lived about 500 years ago but I am not going to tell you anything more about him.  Part of your Christmas key skills is to find out about William Shakespeare- who he was, where he lived, which people made up his family, what life was like for William, his friends and his countrymen.  Can you find any facts about this famous man that nobody else in our class has found?

You can present your work in any way you choose: a power point, a sway, a poster, a booklet, a comic strip, a newspaper article… the choices are endless and entirely up to you.

The home learning needs to be brought back to school on January 5th and it will be shared with the rest of our class.


Remember to also:

  • Read three times a week over the holidays.  Maybe Father Christmas has put a book or two in your stocking- why not give those a try?
  • Practise your times tables.  Use tables master, hit the button, sing songs, make up fun facts or impress your relatives by answering their questions at top speed!
  • Learn 10 more of the year 3 and 4 spelling words.

One thought on “Who was Shakespeare?

  1. I have loved learning about the Tempest. The story was really interesting and there were lots of characters to learn about. Caliban and Ariel were my favourite characters. Writing about Caliban was the best part because he was great to describe. When we were writing with him on the beach it was soooo fun. I can’t wait for our next topic. I hope it is as good as the Tempest.

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