Key Skills – Mathletics and descriptive writing

Key skills: 30-9-16

L.O.: To use knowledge of place value


This week your key skills can be completed online!  We have set some mathletics activities for each of you.  You will need to login in to your Mathletics account and the tasks are waiting for you. Login details were reissued and spare copies are in school.


L.O.: to be able to use descriptive language

This picture…


…is on the blog.

Capture some descriptive words, phrases and sentences that we could use if we were writing about this scene.  Think about the work we have done this week in the classroom, using the senses.

Can you use:

  • A power opener?
  • A rhetorical question?
  • A simile?
  • Adjectival phrase?
  • Alliteration?


If you are unable to access the internet to complete this work, why not generate your own numbers and practise rounding to ten and the nearest hundred?  You can write your responses to the literacy in your key skills book>

29 thoughts on “Key Skills – Mathletics and descriptive writing

  1. The blue clouds are floating across the dreamy sky. The calm sea gently laps over the golden sand. Slowly the tide comes in and it takes all the pebbles away.

  2. Unexpectedly, a beautiful ray of sun as bright as a torch reflected in the sea like a mirror image.It is amazingly awesome! Suddenly the tide came rolling in tremendously because the wind was so strong.Then the sea started to look black….I wonder whats going to happen now? Just then a storm came and all the sand started getting all soggy because of the rain. An hour later the storm started to clear and the sun started to shine. Finally, everything went back to normal and the sun shone for the rest of the day!

    • Jaden, please find a more precise description than ‘it looks amazingly awesome’. Explain how it looks so good. I like your description of the tide ‘rolling in’. 🙂

  3. The sun is reflecting on the crystal blue sea and is rising in the dark sky. Swiftly, the tide is coming in onto the smooth sandy beach. Slowly, the sea is getting warmer because the sun is rising. Is it going to be a lovely day?

    • Sentences starting with adverbs. Well done, Jessica! It is good to see some alliteration and also a rhetorical question. Even better if: you could add a simile.

  4. The dark blue clouds were trying to block the sun from shining through. But the sun found a way to shine, hitting the water like lasers which made the sea bright with a golden glow, travelling over the dark still water. Or is it?

    • I like the list of adjectives at the start of this piece of description, James. The second sentence is very long- I think we need to look for a way of splitting it up and still keeping the sense. I love the way you end with a rhetorical question.

  5. In the distance the shining sun is covered by clouds leaving a wonderful scene behind. Have you ever seen something more beautiful? The sky is as blue as blueberries with breaks of light coming through, all the while the rays of the sun are reflected in the open salty sea. Waves gently stroke the sand as the tide comes in and goes out again.

    • Oliver, some lovely images here- I particularly like the idea of the sea stroking the sand. A well used rhetorical question helps me think about the picture in my head. Remember that adverbs can be used to describe too. Good work here.

  6. 1) Golden, glimmering, glistening sun rays.
    2) The calm sea sleeps soundly like a baby.
    3) Sunshine peeks through the resting clouds.
    4) Will the sea be this calm forever?

    • Some great ideas for people to magpie in their work, James. I like the alliteration and the simile. I cannot wait for you to use some of these in your writing.

  7. The sun shines amazingly like a explosion in the sky.The clouds as fluffy as a bunny.The sunset as beautiful as a butterfly.

    • Well done Kacper. Some nice ideas here. Make sure that your description is precise- ‘amazingly’ doesn’t tell me much. Is the sun shining brightly? Full of colour? In long streams of light? Also, what is ‘bunny’ like?

  8. Standing on a rock, I can see the beautiful, dark blue sky. Slowly, the dazzling sun comes down underneath the sea. Swiftly,the salty sea washes away the shiny pebbles into the far away sea. Laying on the golden sand, I spy the shimmering sun reflecting onto the soft sea.

    • Sofia, do you mean that the sun ‘comes down underneath the sea?’ Some good sentence openers and description. I like your use of ‘I spy’.

  9. The sun beamed through the fluffy turquoise clouds.
    Isn’t it beautiful?
    Rebounding rays restlessly rippling across the glistening sandy shore.
    Peacefully, the sky darkens and falls into a deep hypnotic sleep.

    • Wow! Look at that alliteration in your third sentence, Olivia! I love the words you have used here. I really like the idea of the sky falling into a deep hypnotic sleep too. I feel mean asking for even more but…next time, please try to add a simile. Great work, Olivia!

  10. The sun is shining through the clouds like lasers. Listen to waves lapping softly against the shore. The soft, silky sand slips gently through my fingers.

    • Well done, Joe. There are some lovely features here: a list of adjectives to describe the sand, adverbs to enhance description and some alliteration. You have used different senses too. EBI? a rhetorical question.
      Keep it up, Joe.

    • I really like the use of an opening sentence here, Myles, and also the use of alliteration in your description. To have more impact, try not to repeat a word- shiny sun and shining. Is there another word that could replace one of these?

  11. As the gentle waves ripple smoothly over the silky, soft, sand the vibrant sun appears through the whispery clouds. The distance reminds me of a rainbow as all the the beautiful colours merge together creating a wonderful view. The reflection bounces swiftly off the glistening sea whilst the clouds part and scatter away. I wish I could float away on the white, sparkly marshmallow clouds.

    • Lovell, this sounds so lovely. I wish I could float away on a marshmallow cloud too! Some really carefully chosen words here- you have worked hard to find these. I am glad to see you using alliteration and such powerful verbs.

  12. As the glimmering light fades over the foaming sea the sky transforms into thousands of different colours. Will I ever escape this beautiful paradise?
    The sand is as golden as the day time sun. The suns rays reflect on the shimmering sea.

    • Would you want to escape the beautiful paradise, Libby? Some well thought out descriptive words- I particularly like foaming and glimmering! I love your description of the sand. Well done!

  13. The pitch black clouds blocking the sun but the sun is stabbing through . Sun beams making the sea turn yellow as gold. Orange as boiling like the earths core. Waves slowly drifting away from the sand. Clouds forming a face that is raging.

    • I am pleased to see that you have chosen to use notes to record your thoughts, Michael. Boiling like the earth’s core is a great description but is it describing a colour? Do you mean boiling larva? Good work here.

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