Key Skills – Mathletics and descriptive writing

Key skills: 30-9-16

L.O.: To use knowledge of place value


This week your key skills can be completed online!  We have set some mathletics activities for each of you.  You will need to login in to your Mathletics account and the tasks are waiting for you. Login details were reissued and spare copies are in school.


L.O.: to be able to use descriptive language

This picture…


…is on the blog.

Capture some descriptive words, phrases and sentences that we could use if we were writing about this scene.  Think about the work we have done this week in the classroom, using the senses.

Can you use:

  • A power opener?
  • A rhetorical question?
  • A simile?
  • Adjectival phrase?
  • Alliteration?


If you are unable to access the internet to complete this work, why not generate your own numbers and practise rounding to ten and the nearest hundred?  You can write your responses to the literacy in your key skills book>

A fantastic day in Mozart class!

Wow- what a day we have had in Mozart class today!  One of the highlights of the day involved leading our partners around a cold, spooky and abandoned (imaginary) cellar, describing all the things we could feel, hear and see.

This afternoon we investigated how we can control a bulb.  We designed our own switches and tested them to see if they worked.  We had to know how a switch works to do this.  After that, we used an extra wire to switch our lighted bulb off.  We found out that this is called a ‘short circuit’.

Mozart class, respond to me please.  You can give some ideas to help your classmates with their description of the cellar or explain how a short circuit works.  The choice is yours.

Mrs R 🙂


Key Skills – Number Detective

L.O: To use mathematical vocabulary correctly.

Number Detective

Follow the clues to find the mystery number from the list below.

  • The number has two digits.
  • Both of the digits are even.
  • The digit in the tens place is greater than the digit in the ones place.
  • The ones digit is not in the three times table.
  • The tens digit is not double the ones digit.
  • The sum of the two digits is a multiple of five.

18              86

120           42

46             64

80              8

22             83


Now choose your own number from the table and write your own set of clues. Give it to a family member or friend. Can they identify your number? Think about your mathematical vocabulary.

We have also looked at using Tablemaster to help with the learning of our times tables.

Key Skills

Well done Mozart for a fantastic effort with your maths key skills. It was great to see you applying a logical approach to your problem solving.

This week there is a focus on Literacy. We would like you to research a hero of your choice and write about them. As discussed in class, you can choose somebody famous, a family member or a friend. You need to write about their life and family, what they do and why they are a hero to you. Use the skills taught in class when we wrote about Mozart.

Who will your hero be???