Key Skills – Literacy

L.O: To create and describe an alien character.

This week we have asked the children to create their own alien. They could draw, paint, junk model, use the computer, plasticine model, knit, use hammer beads…. to create their alien. They then need to write a descriptive paragraph of their alien. When we read their description the image created in our mind should look exactly like their creation if they have been successful. We have talked in class about what makes a good piece of descriptive writing. Some children suggested they could use mechanisms when creating their alien, just like we have been doing in our DT lessons. Samuel was our WAGOLL for his mechanism today:


Please ensure your key skills is complete and in school on Wednesday as we will be dedicating part of our Literacy session to review these to help with our learning in class.

Mozart Explorers

We have had great fun delving deeper into our space topic this week. Some things we have experienced in the last seven days include: discovering a new planet, exploring a space station, visiting the Space Centre, receiving intergalactic messages and researching planets. Unfortunately, the blog will not upload our pictures but hopefully this will resolve and they will be up soon.

The fun will continue over the next few weeks and be sure to keep checking the blog and responding to posts, stating what you have particularly enjoyed so far and why. Look forward to exploring this further next week, and remember, stay curious!