Key Skills

The children have chosen a planet to research and make a presentation of their findings. We have talked about different ways we could present work including using Office 365, PowerPoint, video, leaflet, poster, explanation text, a verbal recall… We have talked about things we could find out – how far the planet is from the sun, what the landscape is like, how big is it??? We will be dedicating class time to share our learning so all presentations need to be completed and in by Wednesday 8th June.

Mars – Millie, Isabella, Chloe

Venus – Rhys, Harrison, Kian, Jamie

Earth – Samuel, Maddy, Lucy

Mercury – Madison, Cirran, Casey

Jupiter – Amelia, Jakub, Andreas

Saturn – Issy, Rhys, Ellie

Uranus – David, Zach, Daley

Neptune – Jacob, Matthew, Adil

Pluto – Oliver, Georgina, Tudor. Is this a planet???

Keep reviewing your Y4 spelling word list and don’t forget to log those reading events! Mozart were second this term in the poll for reading across the school. Well done!

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