We have continued our work on E safety by discussing cyber bullying. We took a quiz to see whether we are cyber saints or cyber bullies. Fortunately, all of Mozart are saints!

E safety

We discussed how to be cyber saints online by only posting positive comments. The children were given the name of another child to post a comment about. Here is what we had to say about each other:

Chloe is a really nice and sensible person in class, she involves me in things she does.

Ellie works very well in class she always puts her hand up and is a very good friend.

Adil is always sensible in class and if someone is lonely he will let them join in with his game.

Issy always concentrates in class and completes her work, she is a good friend.

Jacob is always positive and gets on with his work. He always perseveres. He makes sure everyone joins in.

Harrison is funny and he makes me laugh, he always includes other people in his games especially if they are on their own.

Millie if fun to play with and can always make me laugh. She always tries hard in class.

Samuel helps me a lot during literacy and he is always nice to other people.

Cirran is a hard worker and she always tries her best at her work.

Tudor always does his work properly and concentrates on what he is doing.

Oliver always asks me if I’m ok when I am sad and always helps me if I’m stuck.

Matthew makes everyone laugh and is really funny, he can always cheer me up.

Zach is a wonderful friend and he makes me laugh whenever I am sad.

Maddy cheers me up when I’m sad and she concentrates well in class.

Rhys is a kind friend and when I’m lonely he makes me happy.

Isabella is very good at maths and is a confident learner and is an independent learner. She is a really good friend who is kind.

Lucy is a good friend, she is kind when I am lonely and she asks me to play with her.

Madison is a great friend and she talks to me when I’m alone. She likes to listen to my facts.

Casey is always polite and is very well behaved. When others are upset she always helps them.

Amilea has a good attitude to learning and she is very kind and clever.

Georgina is kind and helpful, she is a very nice member of the class.

Rhys is really nice to me and always lets me join in with his games.

Jamie always listens carefully and he is always sensible when he works with a partner.

Kian always lets me join in with his games.

Daley is a really nice friend and always involves me.

Andreas is a fabulous friend because he plays nice games.

Jakub is a good friend and chose me to be his partner on the Year 4 expedition.

David is a kind friend and he is a very independent person.


Well done to all those children who completed the E safety tasks at home.

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  1. I really liked this activity because we got to share our feelings about each other and express our feelings.

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