Has part of a UFO been found on school grounds??

We have had a very exciting morning and have been met with a amazing discovery on the playground. Read our accounts below to see our version of events…


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    We think that the UFO has landed and crashed because maybe some of the wires got broken which caused the crash. We saw loads of mud a load of rocks and wires and we saw the engine and finally we saw electronics. We thought it was really weird because we have never ever seen anything like it. The UFO was
    powered by the Sun then it got too powerful so it crashed into the Moon and the thing that stored the power got knocked off the UFO so then it crashed into Earth. The Alien might have been blinded by the Sun as a result it crash landed on Earth.

  2. On the 25th of May a mysterious situation had occurred, Mrs Stutters bounced in like a bunny rabbit that exploded, she told us that something very mysterious happened on the school playground so we all sprinted there to the tail of a humongous, red fire truck loaded with fire men who went to put out a look-a-like UFO that crash landed on the field. Children were shocked to what had happened. Someone stated ‘I have proof that the aliens are real and I know that because me and my friend saw it running out of the spacecraft while dancing in the forest.’ another quoted ‘The number plate I saw on the UFO is probably some sort of sign or message!’

  3. We have had an amazing morning, as a UFO crash landed in the school grounds! Rumors have been passed around the school, and loads of people are investigating different parts of the school to see, the alien or any other things that people suggest. People are going in the bushes, and they have got attacked, and they have found the aliens home. My friend got a suspicious bite on his leg,and a scratch in the same place,which is weird. Some people have been going in bushes to see what it looks like. People have said that it has 1 black arm,and the other is orange which means, there is orange goo plants on equipment. In learning, someone heard the bushes moving up and down, which they thought was an alien.

  4. At the start of the day Mrs stutters came rushing in to the room and Mrs stutters said” look out side.” there was a fire engine and found a spaceship in the middle of the field and heard there was an Alien that was masteries in the bush and every wane has been looking in the bushes today trying to find the alien.
    There was a loud noise like a sonic boom in the sky but it was a UFO it was so strange that we have never seen a UFO at school before every body was chatting about it and people were asking all the fire people about what has happened there was a code that said 34gl1 which was weird because noone told us that number before and it was torn and ripped everyone kept talking about it and see more information about the UFO.

  5. The Mysterious UFO
    Earlier this morning, Mrs Stutters barged in, we was all wondering why she was soooooo exited! She shouted out to us, ‘there is a red,strippy,corlourful firetruck outside.’ We was wondering what was going on!?Mrs Greener said to everyone to line up before we left the class. But none of us did because we were so excited We finally got out of the classroom to go and have a look.Me, Isabella and Millie and Jacob ran out to try and get to the front to get a good view. But suddenly Mr Rees started to talk about that, a UFO just crashed outside our school floor. Most of the boys got there shoes dirty because it was muddy.There was mud and dangerous,broken cables. We were not allowed on the main part of the field because of this. Later today, we investigated why this thing has crashed and hurt things. We found goo all over the grass it was kind of like a trail.We all got terrified when we noticed a alien crashed in SDS’s playground.

  6. Amilea & Andreas~
    On Wednesday Mrs. Stutters came bursting through the classroom door, and said ”MOZART QUICKLY GO OUTSIDE AND LOOK!!” We were exited so we rushed out the door and to our surprise there appeared to be a UFO in our FIELD!!!Amilea and Andreas think it’s something to do with the space centre. At 10 to 12 (11:50) we started to go out and investigate we found orange goo on a branch. We went next to the UFO and we found green goo and loads of sparkles . Amilea had realised that she found a piece of a birds feather had green goo slime on it. We were a bit disappointed when it landed in that specific place because now you have to walk around the whole field to get to where you want to go. We saw shadows in the bushes and a house made out of twigs and leaves . The fire brigade came to water it down to make sure that the ground doesn’t catch fire.

  7. We were doing a lesson when Mrs Stutters interrupted us and shouted “look out side!” Everyone darted out side with excitement. Standing there in front of our eyes was a UFO. Everyone was screaming and they where so exited about it. Then some people saw a green blob running to the trees. Then we went back inside to do our lessons then Madison noticed a hole in a hedgerow that kept growing bigger it was so creepy. When it was lunch time we all went looking for it and we thought we found traces of at least 4 aliens : one a dad, one a mum, maybe a bigger sister/ brother and a baby we think. Some people are so curious that they started to get other people to find them with them. Some quotes:
    Oliver ‘this object is an unknown incident’
    Maddy’ I want to know more about this mythical creature’
    Lucy ‘I saw a shadow run across inside the bushes’
    Casey ‘The trees were rattling’
    Issy’I saw a purple and green alien and it scratched me’

  8. we were doing our work and out of know where Mrs Stutters interrupted our lesson telling us there was a strange thing on the field. Then we ran outside to see what is going on and it was a…UFO!!!!! that crashed on the school grounds. There was also loads of orange goo what every one thought was a aliens puke. ‘All of this happened at break time’ after we had a little group and we looked in the bushes to have at the alien we located its lair and we looked and Jamie got bit and scratched in the leg. When we went in Megan came in and told us that there was more orange glue on the white board then it got more
    mysterious. Some people didn’t see the aliens but they knew that they existed. it was very weird every one thought that there was 4 aliens. At lunch nearly every one in our class we looked and we looked and we looked and we saw lots of aliens breaking twigs a branch falling! They done lots of random stuff.

  9. Goergina ,Cirran
    Early this morning at 10:15;am Mrs stutters came bursting in with exitement and she said “go out side there is a alien space ship.” It was extraordinary! There was a fire engine as well. Me and my friends explored at lunch . we thought we had seen something racing to the bushes. It might of been an alien running through the bushes. Every one was a bit freaked out about the alien. what do you think the alien looks like? Every one in Mozart thought there were two aliens, one with antennaes and one without. It was a very interesting investigation .There are lots of creepy things going on. People are saying there are shadows and marks. There was a hedgerow with no hole yesterday but today there was. It cept on growing bigger and bigger.

  10. So today at Simon de Senlis primary school at 9.00 their was a object crashed. Mrs Stutters rushed in like Usain Bolt to tell us the breaking news. An object stood without anyone by it, except for the firemen spraying water on the grass to avoid explosions and acid pollution. Oliver, our brilliant photographer, took a picture of this amazing sight. Maddy thought the mass was a UFO. Samuel thought it was a UFO just like Maddy thought of. Oliver thought different to Samuel and Maddy. Oliver thought it was a broken satellite dish from outer space. A few minutes later, Megan and to tell us some important news. She said that there was orange goo everywhere on the board and there was goo in the sting trees outside in the play ground of Simon de Senlis primary school, there was a lot of electrical wires around it. A few minutes later, we discovered writing on the hedgerow wall. Lucy thought it said ‘Morthar.’ which might of been an alien name?! We are not so sure yet, maybe it could be the aliens name? Some of our class found evidence including a code. That code was ’34GL1′. No one knows what this is about. We have found other strange things like traces of the aliens fro the estimated UFO. This is a deadly creature that might lead to death. We have then been thinking of how this large object came to school grounds. Samuel thought this object was very unusual to this country. This object s causing the school to pay a lot of money to fix the damage that has happened. The crazy object is the most deadliest thing in the world this is important to the world. ‘I want know more about this mythical creature!’ quoted Maddy.

  11. We were in our maths lesson when we heard 2 sounds. One was a bit like a grumble. The other was like a sonic boom (Is what I thought.) Mrs Stutters came bursting in. Then she shouted ” Everybody go outside and see what is out there!” We were all so excited we sprinted outside as quick as we could. Then we stopped at the tail of a fire truck. We didn’t know why it was there or what had happened. Then we saw Mr Rees calling us over. After a few seconds, year 3 was coming out as well. The whole school was there. We were all so surprised. There was a crash in our school, we didn’t know what it was. There was electrical wires on the floor everywhere. There was also what looked like glitter chemicals or something. There was loads of chattering and pushing. The fire brigade were talking to some people about what had happened. They let DSP in the fire truck, they enjoyed that! We thought so hard and together we came up with the idea that aliens were invading and we thought it came out of the quiet small UFO. There were 2 people in transparent clothing that were investigating the perimeter. One of their names was: Skully and Moulder. They were super cool. After everyone calmed down, Mr Rees clapped his and everyone copied him. Everything was silent, Mr Rees spoke up and something on the lines of ” It is now time for break time and the fire brigade and Moulder will tell you further more information. After about 5 minutes everyone was trying to investigate more. We got into assembly and everyone was chattering about what all the figures were moving about in bushes that we weren’t aloud in! Most people were talking about a code on the object. The code was: 34GL1. A lot of people were talking about 2 smells. One of the smells was like rotten eggs. The other was like smoke. it was disguising! When Mrs Lutas clapped her hands we all stopped. She passed onto the fire man Mark. He said “The scientists need to look at it further to know all of it. but all we know now is that something has crashed in your school, on your field.”

  12. What an exciting day Mozart. I hope you found some amazing things from the UFO. I wonder where it was heading to? What will happen now it did not make its true destination? Or perhaps it was coming to earth…

  13. Such exciting events !
    I wonder why it landed at our school – maybe it is a sign!
    Where did it come from ? Why is it here ? What should we do now ? What would you do?

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