Digital Footprints

We had a great discussion today about E-Safety and we made our own digital footprint, based on the information we have given online. We created our own digital footprints and a class one, with only a snippet of some of the most popular sites that we have used. It really made us think about how our information can be so easily shared if we are not careful with what we put on to the internet. This was also reinforced by a great assembly that some Year 6 children gave us about E-Safety, where they further reiterated the importance of safe internet usage. We, along with the rest of the school, will be carrying on with our work on E-safety throughout the rest of the week and the class have been asked to share their learning with family and friends at home. Class Footprint

2 thoughts on “Digital Footprints

  1. Great work everyone, I love the digital footprints that you made. I hope you enjoy your E-Safety week and be safe. Keep up the good work everyone!?

  2. These are really useful towards our learning and about what you can use and what you cant .Also my mum has been to the E-safety assembly at 6:00pm and it changed the way I use my devices

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