Literacy Key Skills

We reviewed our last key skills task of finding as many examples of reading in and around the home. It was great to see the children’s different approaches to presenting their work. We were particularly impressed by Ellie’s PowerPoint presentation that even included an analysis of reading in her family – this lead to great maths linked discussion in class. Part of the challenge was to see who could find as many different examples. Chloe and Cirran both found 31 but Issy took the lead with 41 examples of reading. Well done to all!

This week the task is to present a given text in the style of an explanation text – something the children are now experts at! We have discussed ideas and strategies in class. We will be looking for presentation and accurate spellings, as well as the correct structure for an explanation text. What subheadings will you use? Can you add a photo or labelled diagram?


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