Mozart Class Spelling Bee

Mozart had our very own spelling Bee today!! Our class got split into groups, where they all revised and practised the spelling patterns that we have been focussing on over the last 4 weeks. Each group then selected a member to represent them. They then worked as a team to support and help their representative learn their spellings and the representative faced other challengers in the rounds. Our representatives were: Oliver, Zachary, Madison, Kian, Casey, Issy-Mae and  Georgina. They were all fabulous but, after three rounds, Casey and Madison were in the final. The class showed wonderful support and it ended up with Casey being our overall winner and Madison being a close second. We had lots of fun and the class were brilliant. Well done everyone and I look forward to the next one!

IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0336 IMG_0334

One thought on “Mozart Class Spelling Bee

  1. I was very nervous . sadly my team did’t win but i was still happy that we came 3rd/4th . The person who won was casey but she did do very well.

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