Key Skills – Literacy

This week our key skills is centred around reading. Find as many different examples of reading and present your findings. This could be a mindmap, photos, presentation or bringing in examples to discuss. We have talked about the task in class and discussed various approaches. There are 2 dojos on offer for the child who identifies as many different examples.

Mozart Class Spelling Bee

Mozart had our very own spelling Bee today!! Our class got split into groups, where they all revised and practised the spelling patterns that we have been focussing on over the last 4 weeks. Each group then selected a member to represent them. They then worked as a team to support and help their representative learn their spellings and the representative faced other challengers in the rounds. Our representatives were: Oliver, Zachary, Madison, Kian, Casey, Issy-Mae and  Georgina. They were all fabulous but, after three rounds, Casey and Madison were in the final. The class showed wonderful support and it ended up with Casey being our overall winner and Madison being a close second. We had lots of fun and the class were brilliant. Well done everyone and I look forward to the next one!

IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0336 IMG_0334

Egg Experiment

As you would have seen from previous blog posts, we have left eggs in a variety of different liquids to see how how they can affect tooth enamel. Today, we got the eggs out of the liquids to see what had happened. The results were shocking and showed us the damage that the liquids can do. Tomorrow, we will be sharing our results but below are some pictures to show the effects of the liquids on the shell.


IMG_0304 IMG_0309 IMG_0313 IMG_0318 IMG_0321 IMG_0326

Key Skills – Literacy

info text

This week the children have been asked to find examples of information texts. In their key skills book we would like a list of criteria for writing an information text with examples taken from texts. In class, Harrison talked about the use of bullet points and Ellie talked about the use of photos and captions.

We have a wide range of books for children to access in school and on Monday the children have their library time so they may want to choose an information text to borrow to support their learning. Mrs Harding will be continuing key skills club on Tuesday lunchtime for anyone to attend. We do ask that if your child does their work in school that they show and discuss their findings with you at home.

Exploring Habitats

We launched our new topic this Thursday. We have begun to think about what it means to be an explorer by going on our own mini adventure. The children used a map of the school to read coordinates to find some hidden facts about known explorers. Back in class they were set the challenge of matching the explorer to the expedition.


What qualities do you need to be a successful explorer?

Next week we will investigate different habitats…

Eggstraordinary science!

The children set up their eggy science experiment on Tuesday to see which liquid causes the least damage to the egg shell. It has been great to see so many children and parents look through the window to check on the development.


What do you think the outcome will be?

We will be revealing the results next week…