Recapping our day at Benham Yesterday

As you will see from our last blog, we had a great time at Benham Sports Arena yesterday. Read below to see our own recounts of the day…

5 thoughts on “Recapping our day at Benham Yesterday

  1. I enjoyed rock climbing at BENHAM

  2. First, when I went into Benham I started rock climbing and I first tried it and it was fun because I never tried it and when I tried it I went all the way to the top. The instructors were called Helen and Tilly. The first activity I did was Fencing and I tried the moves such as ‘on guard,’ lunge and how to walk forwards and backwards. Then I tried the masks and the masks was like being an astronaut . Then I tried Archery and Archery was easy but I didn’t hit the bull’s-eye but I hit the target.

  3. When we got to Benham we put all of our stuff in a room and went to the cafĂ©. When the two rock climbing people came we lined up and we walked to the rock climbing area. Their names were Helen and Tilly. We all firstly tried the easy ones. When everybody got it we all moved to the next one David and Cem went on the hardest one, number 11. When I was good at the second on I went on the number 11 I didn’t complete it because I couldn’t reach the last one.

    After we were called for snack we got one healthy food from are lunch I had an apple. Ten minutes later we were called for Fencing. We had to put on a suit to protect are selves from the lances. When we had a lance battle we had to put on a mast. We looked like astronauts. I was against Logan I won the battle though.

    Then we went to get our lunch. I had a breakfasts bar, salt and vinegar crisps, sandwiches and actimal. For archery we went to a building next to Benham. When we were their we were told to sit down. Tilly showed us how to use a bow and Emma was the first to take her three shots then it was me. I used too much power so I missed a lot of the shots. Then it was Davids go and Cems. Then we went home and on the Mini Bus I fell asleep.

  4. First we went on the minibus to Benham. When we got there we went into a room were we put our bags and then are first activity was rock. Climbing but first the instructors were could Helen and Tilly and they told us instructions what to do and what to not do it was 11 was the hardest and the tallest but I still made it I was the only one who made it. I was so proud of myself it was from the easiest to the hardest (1 to11).When we finished the rock climbing we had a break. After that, we wentt to do fencing we were dress up in the close to be ready to battle but first we put are mask on after we got a glove next we want in space so we don’t hit an one with the swords. After we had a battle me and Cem won the game . After we had lunch we went on the last activity which was archery. It was very hard to do but I almost did it. I got it on blue – that meant 90 points. I was proud.

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