Salcey forest fun for the children not at Edale

We have had such a great day at Salcey Forest! We took the ‘Elephant Trail’ which was roughly 0.75 miles, walked up the Treetop Walk (where we were amazed with how high we got and couldn’t believe how small everyone looked once we were at the top!), made dens and had a picnic lunch. After we finished our lunches, we had a great time at the play park until Mrs Fosbury and the minibus arrived to collect us. Mrs Topham, Mrs Gribben and Mrs Greener had a great day with you all and we hope you have had a very enjoyable week.

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Edale – messages from the children.

Cirran, Chloe, Millie, Lucy, Alexa, Maddie

We are having lots of fun. People are learning from the mistakes they have made. Everyone loves the rooms they are sleeping in and they are great groups! We love our big adventure.

Adil, Rhys, Harrison, Liam, Tudor, Daley

We arrived at Edale on Tuesday. It took 2 and half hours to get here but it’s worth it as we are having so much fun.

Matthew, Darius, Ryan, Jamie

We have overcome our fears of heights and darkness. We went on a night hike to the top of a very high mountain. It was freezing and very, very snowy!

Zach, Kian, Samuel, Rhys, Andreas

We’re having a great time at Edale and all the Edale staff are very nice. The activities are amazing and we are having an incredible time. We give the centre 5 stars out of 5!

Millie, Sophie, Olivia, Georgina

Edale is lots of fun and we have overcome some of our fears, like walking in the dark! We walked to the top of a mountain with snow and lots of squelchy mud. We would love to stay some more!

Madison, Kristina, Saskia, Ellie, Casey, Afrika, Kayleigh, Jasmine

It has been great and we have overcome so many of our worries and fears. All of our activities have been fun. Year 3 will enjoy it when it is their turn. We miss you!

Anna, Lauren, Suraya, Hannah

We have overcome of our fear of heights and have learnt to climb. We are having a great time!

Ollie, Thomas, William, Jake, Jakub, Oliver, David, Om, Riley, David

We walked in snow on our night hike, it was so cold! We have done a treasure hunt around the Edale centre and we overcame our fear of heights. Miss you and love you all.

Amilea,  Isabella, Emily, Millie, Jessica

It has been a great experience here in Edale. We have overcome our fears of darkness, water and heights.



Edale – The Final Day!

The children are all packed and enjoying their last activity. They are suitably exhausted and looking forward to seeing families. Special mentions for the best room goes to Lauren, Hannah, Anna and Suraya. We have been impressed by the children’s approach to all tasks and their support and respect of each other. They have done SdS proud. Well done to all!

Finally, we would like to give a very special thank you to Mr Robinson and Mrs Dumont  for joining us on our journey.

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We had an enjoyable day yesterday planning a meal for the evening, taking a trip to Tesco and cooking it. In the end, Emma went for making a pizza topped with salami, peppers and sweetcorn, Cem made a cheese and mushroom pizza, David had salami, sweetcorn and peppers and Jacob made cheese, ham, sweetcorn, tomatoes and peppers on toast. We also watched ‘Inside Out’ and enjoyed the film – it really made us think!IMG_0231 IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0234 IMG_0238 IMG_0240 IMG_0243

Year 4 Fun at Benham!

IMG_0145IMG_0203 IMG_0194

Emma, Logan, David, Cem and Jacob had a wonderful time at Benham Sports Arena today. They all took part in archery, fencing and rock climbing and all did so well, participating in every activity and showing a real sense of team work and team spirit. Both Mrs Greener and Mrs Topham had a great time taking them!

Showcase Success!

Well done to Year 4 for a great Ancient Greece showcase! Your dance was fabulous and we are so proud of the effort you put into your museum exhibition. Thank you to all parents who were able to attend. We will display the work again in next week’s TLCs.

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Thank You Parent Readers!

Thank you to all the parents who give up some of their time to be a volunteer reader in school. It really does make a big difference! Thank you also to those parents who were able to support our World Book Day reading event this morning. The children all looked amazing and it was nice to hear them speak so enthusiastically about their chosen book characters. They have all been given their World Book Day token today and we look forward to hearing the choices they have made and continue to share their love of reading.