Potty about Pottery!

This week we have been learning about Ancient Greek vases. We have begun our final designs and look forward to finishing them off next week for display. We are going to use a technique called wax relief.

We themed our vases on The Olympics of Ancient Greece. Can you gues the sporting event?





Can you explain the sketching process?

How many facts about Ancient Greek vases can you remember?

What else would you like to know about the Olympics?

9 thoughts on “Potty about Pottery!

  1. well you have to draw delicate and when you have the wack crayons you have to press really hard and accurate. that they are old and they are shaped like a ovel at the bottom. I would like to know who made the olimpics ? why couldn’t the women do the olimpics ? what is the most popular olimpic games?

  2. We use pencil to do the outline then you can draw the patterns inside the pot.
    When you finish then you use wax crayons to put over are patterns and drawing.

  3. We made some Greek pots for our topic Ancient Greeks. First we did our outline to do our shape of our pots then we did our patterns and after we went over the patterns in wax crayons once it dried we painted them in orange red and yellow those were the only colours you could use.

  4. The sketching proses was drawn with sharp and light pencil, then gone over with black wax crayon.

    The things that I know is that they only have the colours black, orange and red.

  5. We had to be very careful when we were doing are vases. For example if you don’t be careful then it will look a mess and your vases. Do not completely fill your varse with pictures fill it with patens as well.

  6. I like it because It mite inspire people to draw pots and do designs on there pots and am very impress with the pots they are very detailed witch is very good grate work.

  7. I liked the decorations and the patterns on the pots.
    The shape and the structure of the pots were very
    good. the pictures on the pots were showing the
    kinds of the ancient Greece sports in the Olympics.

  8. I like the pots because I think that our Mozart work needs to go down. It looked like it took a long time to do our pots that had been decorated. They all had a picture of Olympic salutes on all of the pots with Greece patterns on the top and bottom of the pot. All pots are all different shapes and sizes.

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