Key Skills – maths

This week is a maths task. We have been focusing on multiplication. Remember to keep practising those multiplication facts. We need to increase our speed and accuracy!

Well done Mozart for an excellent record of key skills and reading this week. Millie’s reading events were fantastic. It’s great to see so many children reading a variety of texts and going beyond 3 reading events.

Keep up the great work Mozart!

Potty about Pottery!

This week we have been learning about Ancient Greek vases. We have begun our final designs and look forward to finishing them off next week for display. We are going to use a technique called wax relief.

We themed our vases on The Olympics of Ancient Greece. Can you gues the sporting event?





Can you explain the sketching process?

How many facts about Ancient Greek vases can you remember?

What else would you like to know about the Olympics?

Designing your own Greek Hero

Key Skills:

Mrs Stutters and I are really enjoying our new Literacy unit and we hope you are too! Our key skills this week is design your own Greek hero and we will be using the work you do on this task within our literacy lessons this week. You all have the sheet in your key skills book but, just in case you needed a reminder, the things we want you to describe are:

Three things your hero likes.
Three things your hero dislikes.
Three things your hero is famous for.
Five powerful adverbs, adjectives, similes, metaphors to describe your hero.
At least three things that your hero is going to do in your story.
Description of where your hero comes from.
Picture of your hero.

The original sheet is in our classroom if you need any extra copies as it will not let me upload it on to the blog today 🙁 If you have left it at school and would rather do it on your own sheet, using the headings above, please do! We can’t wait to read these and share them this week.

Greek Discoveries in Year 4

 We have had a very interesting day in year 4 today. As you can see above, we had an exciting letter from The British Museum and they have asked us to present our findings from our recent discovery of Greek Artefacts found in our very own year 4 corridor. Luckily, we have been researching what makes an effective archaeologist so we were able to put our learning to good use and, using a range of tools, we were able to patiently chip away at our findings to find some fascinating Greek objects. Each artefact contained a mystery symbol and we then used our research skills to find out what area of Greek life each group was to investigate. The children all worked brilliantly on this and I was very impressed with their skill and patience. Please keep checking the blog to see what other exciting things we find out and learn about over the next term.


Tuesday PE reminder / Thank you for our Christmas cards/gifts

Hello everyone!

I am really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and hearing all about your holidays. Just a little reminder that, as it is a new half term, the timetable has changed slightly and we have outdoor PE on Tuesday afternoons so please remember your kits.

I would also like to thank you all for your lovely cards and presents that you bought Mrs Stutters, Mrs Harding, Mrs Topham and I for Christmas. We really appreciate them and it was very kind of you.

Mrs Greener


Christmas Key Skills and Reading

Happy New Year Mozart,

Hope you are having a great Christmas holiday. We are looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing you all next week. We have attached the key skills below if you have misplaced yours. Remember to keep reading too and make sure you are recording it in your Home/School book.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays.