Describing Willy Wonka’s Factory

Working in pairs, choose the five top sentences from each of your descriptive writing about the Chocolate Factory and, by each sentence, explain why you think this sentence is particularly effective. Think about your use of adverbs, adjectives, similes or any other features you have used to create a picture in the reader’s mind.

We will use these examples in our report writing this week and will be offering suggestions on how to further improve our work.

5 thoughts on “Describing Willy Wonka’s Factory

  1. Slimy chocolate dribbled down the waterfall ,slowly as it was thick.
    I chose this sentence because it is descriptive as I use an adverb.

    Suddenly Mr Willy Wonka opened the gates to see every sweet in the world !
    I chose this sentence because there is a lot of punctuation in the sentence

  2. “Mushrooms are tiny like Oompa-Loompa and as chewy as chemist breath taking peace of fudge.”
    “chocolate was yummy on my tummy
    I liked the first one because Oompa-Loompas was a good simile and so was chewy as chewits .

  3. As I strolled through the door that said chocolate factory I felt a bit unfortunate because I was the last one to go through. The lolly pop land was as colourful as a rainbow. Willy Wonka looked surprised seeing all of the fasanating chldren smiling so happy they were as happy as winning a tournament.The chocolate river was full of nice creamy as yourgert. I felt like I was in candy heaven, it so fantastic. We chose these sentences because they had powerfall adverbs/adjectives and they were full of similes.

  4. As the magical chocolate waterfall flowed swiftly down the middle of the meadow everyone could smell it. Me and Emma chose this sentence because of all the descriptive word’s like{magical}

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