One thought on “Key skills – Literacy

  1. 1. Charlie and his parents grandpa Joe grandma joeshrphine grandpa gorge and grandma gorener live in that house.
    2.Mr Buckets job is toothpaste scruing.
    3.There is oe bd in the house.
    4.They ate butter and bread for breakfast and oetatoes and cabg for lunchand cabig soup or dinner.
    5.they got to ave a 2 heping.
    6.Charlie ved chocolate.
    7.charlie always got a wonka bar.
    8. charlie would nibble only a lttle bit of chocolate.
    9.wonka cocolate factory is were tere is this man called mr willy wonka andhe make lots of incredible things.
    10. charlie alwas looke up and sned te air.

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