Key Skills – Maths

We have been looking at using the column method for addition and subtraction in maths. This week you need to choose A, B or C to complete using the methods learnt. Extra dojo on offer if you attempt more than one list!

Take care with your presentation – it is the same expectation at home as it is in class. Oliver is a King of presentation for maths this week. Who will reign for key skills?


Describing Willy Wonka’s Factory

Working in pairs, choose the five top sentences from each of your descriptive writing about the Chocolate Factory and, by each sentence, explain why you think this sentence is particularly effective. Think about your use of adverbs, adjectives, similes or any other features you have used to create a picture in the reader’s mind.

We will use these examples in our report writing this week and will be offering suggestions on how to further improve our work.

Descriptive writing…

Here are some snippets of descriptive writing from our work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We are looking forward to creating sentence spirals to add to our Chocotastic display.

Slimy chocolate slithered down the rugged rocks.

Popping out of the sticky marshmallow grass, were beautiful shiny lollipops.

How would you complete Lucy or Chloe’s sentence?

As I walked into the wonderful, magical chocolate factory I gasped…

As I danced gracefully through the doors of the chocolate room…

Willy Wonka’s Factory Opened to Year 4

Wow! What a day! We started it with a very special appearance from Mr Willy Wonka himself (complete with a very impressive forward roll!) and he took us from the playground into what was our year 4 area but had overnight been transformed into part of Wonka’s chocolate factory. The fun didn’t stop there, as the rest of the day was spent making chocolate truffles, designing packaging, reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and exploring the sights, smells and sounds of the factory. Well done Mozart class and all of Year 4. It was such an enjoyable day and you were all fabulous!FullSizeRender