Indian Experts

Below is a list of areas of our India topic. Choose one of these areas that you would like to become an expert in. Tell me what it is and explain why you want to be the expert in this area.
-Arts and crafts
-Food and drink

13 thoughts on “Indian Experts

  1. I would like to learn about music because I like music to listen to so it will be fun to learn about it. Music in india is very calm and loud. It can be funky and funny. Doing dance inspired me to do music because are dance called “shaklaka baby” is fun, energetic and hyper. So I wanted to do this because some of the instruments are intresting.

  2. I would like to learn about instruments in India. Also I would like to learn the most popular and loudest instruments in India. I would like to learn about the most lowest instrument in India. I would like to learn about India instruments because I love instruments.

  3. I would love to the food and drink section because I like to try allsorts of different types of food. I particularly like French food when I tried it last year. When I smelt the spices I didn’t really like them. Now for drink I don’t really know anything about the drinks but I’m sure people would teach me so I could be an expert. I really like to do the food and drink section.

  4. I want to become an expert in dresses because they are not like any dress at my auntie’s wedding. She wore a beautiful dress (the problem was I was tired because it was too long!) There are loads of dresses – there are saris that they wear with their bangles. At Danes camp we have been doing some dancing with Mrs Evans on a Friday. Its really fun and very energetic too. When we have finished the dance both classes get together and it makes a enormous dance class and we get to wear pretty dresses. Cirran is going to let some of the girls wear her dresses and that’s why I want to be an expert on dresses.
    Thank You!

  5. Indian dresses are very colourful.They were these very special dress at weddings.These are some things they were at weddings-suits, saris. These are some of the things that the girls and women wear. Shurarnys are what men and boys wear. They are made of different material.The people who get married wear very,very nice dresses. We also like our bangles and stuff like that. The clothes like to be very glittery and sparkly. We like Indian dress. There is a very special bangle that is called a Curare. Children and adults wear them. There are different colours like silver and gold. You can only were saris once you are married.

  6. year4 has been doing an Indian dance Mozart danced to a song called shakalaka baby. Its really fun and energetic dance. The teacher that made this dance is Mrs Evans. She’s a really good dance teacher. Dance is one of my favourite hobbys

  7. The religions in India are relay important. The Hindu religion is known as the most popular religion. Hindu religion is a colourful religion ever.There are over colourful religions.

  8. I would like to be in the area of music because at home I love to listen to Indian music. I love the music that we dance to for the dance for our topic India. I think I would be able to look for some cool Indian music at home

  9. Hi, it is Oliver. I would like to be an expert at Indian dancing. I would like to be an expert at it because it the moves are very fun and a bit hard to learn at first. Some of them are a bit weird!

  10. I am Jamie. Well I want to be arts and crafts but if I do I might need a friend to keep me going through all this creating. I am still learning about India so hopefully I will learn something new as I’m friendly so people will want to do it with me. I hope I will be an expert.

  11. Ellie wants to be an expert at Indian food” because she is not sure what the foods taste like and she likes trying new food. Lucy wants to be an expert at Indian patterns because she likes designing and there might be reasons why the patterns are there. We know nothing about Indian drinks or material patterns are on?

  12. I would also like to be an expert at the language because I think I could quite easily learn the language because we have got Cirran in our class. Also I learn new things quite easily.

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