Learning in Mozart class this week

Life has been busy in Mozart class this week; we have hardly had time to breathe let alone blog. Have a look at some of the things that have been going on.

6 thoughts on “Learning in Mozart class this week

  1. In science we have been learning how to make a circuit and it took ages for everybody to finish their circuits and make it work. After that we tested the electricity going through metal. We also learnt how to make a switch, I made 3 different kinds. I made one that pushes down and has a gap. My twisting one is best. They work because there is a gap in the wire so the electricity can’t go through it.

  2. When I got to the NEC on a Wednesday morning, I was so excited because I was the only year 4 and I was the youngest from Simon de Senlis. We went on our mini bus and it was about an hour and a half so it was very tiring. When we got there we got to our massive dressing room and had our snacks. Then we got our skirts and make up on and went outside and rehearsed. After a while we did our performance. It was really good.

    • It sounds fabulous, Casey. How did you feel when you were there? How many people watched? Can you add more detail about how it felt when you were dancing and how you felt with all those eyes on you?

  3. On Monday we looked at some pictures from a book and thought about what might be happening. We made a list of ideas and then we wrote a blurb about a problem and the ending of the solution. Then we found out that the title of the book was “Black Dog.”
    So then we wrote a bit of the black dog in the blurb in purple pen!

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