Key skills for 7.10.15

This week’s key skills are:

Mrs R’s spelling group:

Mrs J’s spelling group:

Miss S’s spelling group:

Please encourage reading at home and for your child to be recording at least 3 events of reading in their yellow books. This will be checked every Friday.

Thank you

2 thoughts on “Key skills for 7.10.15

  1. We are really enjoying are new topic which is India. In our topic did lots of finding out. The teachers put out lots of things about India and found pout facts and thought of some questions. One thing was we smelt some Indian spices. We also did some Indian patterns in are sketch books. We looked at the the Taj Mahal building and it took 21 years for 22 thousand people to build.

  2. In maths we have been learning and trying to figure out and really understand what rounding is. We have been trying to avoid what you do to round and just following the high 5 rule so we tried out 4 different types of resources to find out what rounding is and putting them in words other than numbers. We have looked at numbers on a number line to see which ten or hundred they are near to and then talked about why we round to this number.

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