Book Reviews

We have finished our reading of ‘Black Dog’ by Levi Pinfold and today we used the devices to read example book reviews to help us write our own review.

Part of our key skills work is to write a book review of a text of our choice. Our maths task is to create a game to help with our learning of Roman numerals, times tables or rounding. We have been playing lots of different games in class to give the children an idea of what they could do. All key skills is due on Wednesday 4th November. We are on a mission next half term to improve our reading record of 41% so remember to record all your fabulous reading in your yellow books.

Have a great half term!
Mrs S.

Indian Experts

Below is a list of areas of our India topic. Choose one of these areas that you would like to become an expert in. Tell me what it is and explain why you want to be the expert in this area.
-Arts and crafts
-Food and drink

Key skills for 7.10.15

This week’s key skills are:

Mrs R’s spelling group:

Mrs J’s spelling group:

Miss S’s spelling group:

Please encourage reading at home and for your child to be recording at least 3 events of reading in their yellow books. This will be checked every Friday.

Thank you