J’ai Ho!

J’ai Ho is an Indian greeting which means ‘Victory be with you’. What does victory look like in your Life? Think about when you are working, when you are at home and when you spend time with your friends.

3 thoughts on “J’ai Ho!

  1. Victory for me, Jamie, is scoring a goal but not by myself with my friends. It would not be the same without them. Victory for Lucy is winning a horse race. She says it would not be the same without my special horse.

  2. In our lives earning friends is our victory because a true friend will support you by sticking by your side like they are a special trophy that you never let go of. When we are working our friends around us make us feel like were at home.

  3. Our victory is moving up a year group and moving up our knowledge. Also it is moving up our thinking and maths and learning different kinds of things.

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