Delightful Digestion!

Well we were working up to the wire. Our last science session was all about digestion.
It all started with a pack of biscuits- digestives of course! We ate one and had to think abut what was happening to the biscuit inside our bodies. Mrs Dar created a working wall from our initial thoughts. Did the biscuit really disappear? What are enzymes?
We then found some body parts in a box with some words which we matched together, next we watched a video for some more ideas. A brain then told us that it had forgotten how to digest its food and we had to explain it to him using scientific vocabulary. Each group was given a part of the digestive system to research using books, devices and videos. Eventually once we found enough information, we wrote up our findings on a body part.
To share what we had found out we came back together to form a living diagram outside on the playground, each group then read out their sentences as the biscuit travelled along the digestive system. Alfie was a large chocolate biscuit and he travelled along with Melissa and Tendekai, who had the biscuit which was crunched and smooshed, sloshed and squished as saliva and bile was added. Despite looking revolting by the time it completed its final evacuation, some children actually said it smelt quite nice!
I learnt that the small intestine is in fact longer than the large intestine at 5m in length, that the liver in an adult is the size of a football (demonstrated by a group throwing a football during their demonstration) and that the stomach can hold 1.5 litres of fluid!
The children learnt lots of information whilst having fun, and now know that our food does not just go down a tube!

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