#NPATEK Ghana Visit

Three lovely ladies from Moulton Secondary School came to talk to us today about their amazing trip to Ghana. They made their ‘dent in the universe’ by building new classrooms for the children at an orphanage. It was really interesting finding out about their trip: how they had to buy water in bags to make sure it was clean, shower outside, wash their clothes in a stream and eat slug lollypops! (Yes Slugs!).
They were really great with the children, as we all felt really comfortable asking lots of burning questions, as they went through all their photographs- it took Molly over 5 hours to put the PowerPoint together for us!
We came away with some new friends, as they have offered to come back in and see our projects, as well of lots of first hand information which we can use in our work- Sophie wrote 6 pages of notes!
The children carried on with their work after they left- they were keen to find out what sharing 5 in a bed would be like with some impromptu drama!

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