French Day mardi Juin 16

Another fun day in Mozart- all dressed up in red, white and blue. Games quizzes all sorts of fun! Everyone was chatting about all the fun things that were taking place today.
Can’t wait to find out how you all got on!
Can you spot how French we are today?

32 thoughts on “French Day mardi Juin 16

  1. Today I think it is going to be a amazing day for magical Mozart we are all in different groups ,my group is F I am with Ollie Louie Soozha Theo: we are having fun

  2. So far today it has been a good morning. I like blogging! I can’t believe that everybody in Mozart class has remembered to dress up in red, white and blue. I hope that whole of l&andm class has remembered to dress up in red, white and blue! I can’t wait to see what else will be planned for today!

  3. We have entered school and everyone is dress up …well most people I have nearly all red white and blue its just my shoes that are not red white and blue, Miss Lucas looks like she is going to a funèrailles!

  4. Today so far in this amazing day, we have gone on a really hard quiz. At the beginning of the activity we split into 2 groups I was with Lucas. We found out lots of facts, like we found out that subway is in France as well as England. At the moment, I really want to play boules the most. It sounds really fun. Nearly everyone is dressed up, even the teachers! Some people even have a moustache. Mrs Hughes is trying to learn more French as this brilliant day carries on. I wish it will never end because I am having some much fun.

  5. We are having a fantastic day we all came in red white blue clothes . We are been split into groups and we are doing are doing French rotation, we are doing activities in our groups. We are all speaking in French, our teacher’s (Mrs Hughes) French is really good.

  6. We are having a lovely time doing French rotation, even the teachers. We have just done a French quiz round the school. It was very fun!

  7. We are having an amazing time we found out that Maxim’s is a restaurant at Paris.
    We also found out that Mike’s menu is for children, 12 years and under and that is also in Paris. It was a French quiz around the school, we had to split our group so Charlie and Lucas was a team and Chloe, Callao and Cerys was a team. IT WAS AMAZING!

  8. Everyone has came into school in red, white and blue to represent the French flag. They have done that because its FRENCH DAY! Everyone is having a great time. In my group is Gaby, Jack and Zack. In these groups we are doing lots of fun activities.

  9. The a time that Sophie got was out standing by 12secs the same as JJay, they might have a common trick happy-French Day!

  10. Today we were all dressed in red white and blue clothes also we brought one pound to do finger painting. My favourite thing I have done so far is the French word search but I am looking forward to making my menu.

  11. Today it has been a very fun day for me and my first activity was laying out the French table and I won so now have to do a head to head with JJay!
    I bet Mrs Hughes and the year 4 team and I am in group C and here is my group: Isabelle, Caleb, Alex.N.J, Melissa. Hope everyone is having fun!

  12. Good morning everyone! Today is French day and the date is Mardi Juin 16th 2015. We have had a very good day today; we did a quiz and a word search and a shopping list in French. We all came in red, white and blue or as I should say rouge, blanc and bleu!


  13. I have had lots of fun today! My favourite activity so far is the quiz but I bet there is more fun actives planed! In the quiz we had to go all around school except from year 5 and 6, to different year groups.

  14. I have had lots of fun and I cant wait to see what we are doing next! We have been doing quizzes word searches and head to head games.Year4 have been making there own menu it is so fun. Everyone has had so much fun.

  15. I have had lots of fun and I cant wait to see what we are doing next! We have been doing quizzes, word searches and head to head games. Year4 have been making their own menus, it is so much fun. Everyone has had so much fun. Go French day!

  16. Today has been great, learning more French, as well as all of the fun activities. My favourite thing in the day was the quiz. I also think everyone had as much fun as I did. The day has been really hard to understand because everyone is talking in French!

  17. We came to school dressed in red, white and blue!
    It has been a amazing day
    We’ve been doing lots of different French activities like bowls, a quiz ,blogging and others.

  18. Today has been great everyone came in dressed in red white and blue. It has been real confusing to understand what everyone is saying. The weather makes it great so we get to play balls on the field. As well as all of the French food, I had so much fun in all of the fun activities 😀

  19. Today is French day we had to dress up in red white and blue and bring in a pound, I was very excited. We had to go round doing different activities it was lots of fun!

  20. This morning l have learned a lot, l have learnt lots and lots of French words. I have learned how to play boules. I am having a lot of fun today, l am having a lot of fun and even the teachers are too.
    I am liking French day!

  21. Today everyone came in French clothes and the colours are blue, white and red I loved every bodys outfits and Maya came with a red, blue and red head band!
    We did quizzes and other things. We had to put our finger print on the flag and one side is red and the other is blue, we had to get ALOT messy! We got to do our own French menu it was fun. It was a bit different than SCHOOL WORK (homework as well. Every body enjoyed it.
    I love it, best day ever!

  22. The day has been great so far . We have all remembered to dress up in red, white and blue. The activities like boule was great we all loved it. My favourite game was the shopping activity . We went around the school to find the answers. The day has been great so far. I have loved it !

  23. Well Magnifique Mozart today! The children were a credit to themselves- they managed their own groups, worked out which was their next activity, sorted out finishing times, resources and tech! So much so we have finally reached our 100th square! Watch this space to see if we choose our mystery treat! Well done- so many great comments from the staff today about your: independence, resilience and sportsmanship 😉
    Well done Charlie for winning the French table laying competition versus Sophie- useful if you want to go travelling in the future.
    Mrs H

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