#NPATEK Enchanted Kingdom

Well what a fabulous day. The children all arrived in their explorers outfits- well done for all remembering after the break πŸ˜‰
The excitement kicked off with an assembly focusing on Africa- we then wrote down all our ideas about the continent. Then sorted them into: what we think are facts and what were just guesses. These will be reviewed over the next few weeks. Deciding what areas of African life to explore was difficult, but the children came up with some fabulous ideas.
Then we had an amazing Nioko Bok West African Drums session. Lots of the children decided this was a favourite part of the day- learning and playing all the different rhythms. Keba was fabulous getting us all involved.
drums (16)
Another highlight was learning some clapping songs- here is the link to some of the ones we learnt.

Unfortunately, the rendition of High Low Chicalo Mrs Hughes and Mrs Dar did is not on there πŸ™

Then finally, the whole year group joined together to share a wonderful time making traditional African masks. These were created using albizia wooden masks from the Ivory Coast. We learnt all about the significance of the shape of the masks and what the different colours meant- I wonder if you can recall what they were? We all could not wait until we can take them home.
What a wonderful immersion day. I wonder what tomorrow and the rest of the week will bring…
Don’t forget to watch the realm draw:

9 thoughts on “#NPATEK Enchanted Kingdom

  1. We are very excited about the new fiery underworld realm! We might learn about volcanos and lots of fiery things. Melissa and Caleb.

  2. When we found out that we are doing the Fiery Underworld, we screamed out loud! We are very excited!
    Jack, Kimran, Charlie, Cerys and Esme

  3. I really enjoyed yesterday when we all have to dressed up as a explorers and every one in our class dressed up ! I am really happy that Year 4 got the Fiery Underworld. I can’t wait to get stuck in to our topic!

  4. When I heard that we got the Firey Underworld I was very happy,but I thourght how can they be fire in a underword then I remembered that lava can spread to make fire.

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