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  1. Hey guys, while you were in Edale we went to Benham sports arena and did some team games, roller skating, archery and rock climbing. We had so much fun! We also had a picnic, went to Tesco to go and get our ingredients. It was delicious!!!!!!
    We went on a knight hunt, however there were no knights!!!! We laughed so much!!!!!!!!
    On Wednesday we helped reception in Forest school. We set up an Easter egg hunt for them!!! It was chocolate eggs and we ate them at the end. We also had a mini beast hunt! After that we all went to the park near the forest!!! It was so fun.Different experience to you.

  2. It looks like a great time. You have been making me jealous from the start, that’s enough about you how about us- we went to Benham, we also had a good time. We did team games, roller skating, archery and to end it off we did some rock climbing as well. The next day we started to make a shopping list for a picnic. In the end it was really good after we went into town to find a knight, unfortunately he doesn’t exist. Today we went to forest school to hide some chocolate eggs for Reception to find. We made nests for the eggs, mine was one of the biggest-in the end we all ate the chocolate eggs I want another. After lunch we had ice creams from yesterday. Which comes to now good luck PS: me, Julia and Ali were the only ones who actually knew how to do roller skating!

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