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Lady Arabella of Senlis was last seen at the banquet in Senlis Great Hall, in honour of the knighthood of Simon de Senlis.
Please inform us of any relevant information, as soon as possible. Her fellow citizens are desperate to find her. Newly knighted, Simon of Senlis is currently on a quest to locate her whereabouts.

4 thoughts on “Missing

  1. We found a washed up scarf there was blood stain on it. On the scarf there was a fancy A so we knew it was from lady Arabella . The only reason we found this is because we found a message in a bottle. Inside was her journal.
    All we now know is
    she somewhere dark
    she heard men wailing
    she is near water
    near sand.

  2. Year 5 Dyson found a scarf it was wet and damp. With the scarf is a letter it was a little ripped it was wrote like she is on the beach too. We thought of some ideas of who this scarf might belong to, some of us thought we were being tricked the kidnapper took her on the other hand some people thought it was lady Arabella. It was a big mystery.

  3. In Year 5 Dyson we found a scarf with a note in. We found the scarf and note in the Seascape, it had a blood stain on it. All we know is she is in somewhere dark also I think Lady Duffy kidnapped Lady Arabella.

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