#Edale photos


Wow! An exhausting day of fun and adventure at Edale. We have had canoeing, abseiling, weasling and the leap of faith! Then to top the day off there is more night walking and a treasure hunt. The children have been fab and a little quieter today. Many had a snooze on the minibus to the activities. Fingers crossed for a very peaceful night tonight!

Highlights have been:
Ollie overcoming his initial fear of canoeing.
Eleanor and Gaby with their poetry writing skills.
Tendaki weasling through every nook and cranny!
Melissa with her enthusiasm for everything.

Too many to mention. More to follow…


Good Morning! A relatively good nights sleep with the first bustle of chit chat starting at 5:30. Breakfast will be at 8am with activities starting at 9:15. We have canoeing and abseiling to look forward to. At the moment it is clear and bright. Fingers crossed for sunshine…

Photos are being slow to upload so we will try again later.


Finally all is quiet, children all exhausted. Some of us went on a night walk and were wowed by the night sky, we saw Cassiopeia!!! The others had an adventurous treasure hunt. We enjoyed our dinner of jacket potatoes and BBQ chicken or veggie chilli and rice and especially the chocolate pud and custard! Be patient with updates, limited signal. More pics to come tomorrow. Canoeing and weasling are on the agenda. Goodnight from Edale.



LAdy A crop

Lady Arabella of Senlis was last seen at the banquet in Senlis Great Hall, in honour of the knighthood of Simon de Senlis.
Please inform us of any relevant information, as soon as possible. Her fellow citizens are desperate to find her. Newly knighted, Simon of Senlis is currently on a quest to locate her whereabouts.


What a great day at SdS. The children all looked amazing in their medieval costumes… King David, trusty Knights Will and Theo, fair maidens Sophie and Esme to name but a few. Not forgetting our very own dragon Callum! The day began with the knighting of Simon but tragedy struck during our banquet when Lady Arabella was whisked away by a hooded figure. Who could it be? Why has she been taken? Where has she gone?

Knight Simon has been sent on his first official quest to retrieve our fair Lady Arabella. What adventures will be in store…