Diwali Delights!

We have been focussing our learning around Diwali the past few days. The children have worked hard reading and understanding the festival, including the use of their computing skills. Mrs Evans shared the final choreography of the Bollywood dance on Thursday, very exciting! We have been looking at symmetry in maths to help design our own Rangoli patterns. The children were amazed by the magic of tracing paper to help reflect their designs. The children have been combining their kinetic letters work on flow patterns to help with their Mendhi designs. A very big thank you to Mrs Butt, aka Queen Mendhi, for her help and artistic henna creations. Mozart, you are all Heroes of Learning for your enthusiasm and creativity over the past few days. Well done!




2 thoughts on “Diwali Delights!

  1. We really enjoyed our henna and making our own designs I can’t wait to learn more and thanks to Mrs Butt (Zabai’s mum!)

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