Chilies Trip


Well done Year 4 and especially Mozart.  What a great time we had at Chilies this afternoon. A huge thank you to Star who really made us very welcome and could not have been more accommodating.

The whole class were Heroes of Learning today- really listening to the question and answer session Star held for us, remembering their manners and to be respectful in the restaurant.

In particular, we wanted to celebrate the children that really did not think they would like the food.  Everyone had a taste and to be honest most of them surprised themselves as to how much they actually enjoyed it!

A special thank you to all the adults that made it such a memorable event for the children by helping with the service.

An excellent trip- there were lots of envious people at Simon de Senlis this afternoon (especially Mr Wainwright!)

9 thoughts on “Chilies Trip

  1. It was a pleasure to come along and help as a parent helper, I was most impressed, as always, in your behaviour and manners, you are a credit to the school and to your parents, thank you for a lovely and yummy afternoon, x Mrs Ball

  2. Hi! I had a great time at Chillies and my favourite food there was the Naan bread, the papadum, and the rice.It was a briliant trip!Thank you to all of the people who helped us to do it . Thomas

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