Heroes of Kinetic Letters

Today’s challenge was to demonstrate a use of kinetic letters across all writing. After another great push on our stories the children shared their work on table groups and they had to put forward a Hero of kinetic Letters. There was a buzz around the classroom with healthy discussions and debates as who should be voted the best for their table and why. It was a tough decision but the children voted for Gaby, Charlie and Joshua. One group were at deadlock so as head judge I decided to go for Soozha as she had ‘flicks’ on all her letters, demonstrating she is getting ready for joining. The King of Kinetic Letters is Jay-Jay, a very tough act to beat. Who will rise to the challenge? A special mention to Chloe who missed out by one vote on her table but was extremely gracious in her defeat. What a star! Have a great weekend Mozart, I look forward to reading those finished stories next week.
Mrs S.

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