Wednesday’s Heroes of Learning

Drum roll please…
A wonderful morning of excited writers- as a class Mozart nailed our story starts- really proud of them all and the effort they put in! Callum and Caleb really made their writing interesting and hooked the reader in 😉 Callum was also truly thoughtful today and stepped in to help others.
Isabelle was great as she has returned and just got on without making a fuss and caught up to write a really engaging story start.
Ollie really worked hard on revisiting and editing his writing today, to add more descriptive detail.
Henry has made really sensible choices, focused at carpet time and channeled his energy into working hard.
Well done to all our Heroes and Mozart for really stepping up our game ( we have moved on our 100 square too!)

One thought on “Wednesday’s Heroes of Learning

  1. Hello folks! I’m Gracie from EHPS, and I know some people know me in Year 4, but what things have you been doing in the past on your blog :)?

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