Diwali Delights!

We have been focussing our learning around Diwali the past few days. The children have worked hard reading and understanding the festival, including the use of their computing skills. Mrs Evans shared the final choreography of the Bollywood dance on Thursday, very exciting! We have been looking at symmetry in maths to help design our own Rangoli patterns. The children were amazed by the magic of tracing paper to help reflect their designs. The children have been combining their kinetic letters work on flow patterns to help with their Mendhi designs. A very big thank you to Mrs Butt, aka Queen Mendhi, for her help and artistic henna creations. Mozart, you are all Heroes of Learning for your enthusiasm and creativity over the past few days. Well done!




Home Learning

Our first home learning project of the year is out. The children have been set the task of designing their own Indian restaurant. We have had time in school to discuss and share ideas and we look forward to seeing the progress after half term. We cashed in our pennies from key skills and children were rewarded for their efforts with a trip to the ‘chill out zone’. A new key skills sheet will be issued after half term, so for now keep up your reading, have a think about your home learning and enjoy a well deserved rest over half term. Well done Year 4!


Chilies Trip


Well done Year 4 and especially Mozart.  What a great time we had at Chilies this afternoon. A huge thank you to Star who really made us very welcome and could not have been more accommodating.

The whole class were Heroes of Learning today- really listening to the question and answer session Star held for us, remembering their manners and to be respectful in the restaurant.

In particular, we wanted to celebrate the children that really did not think they would like the food.  Everyone had a taste and to be honest most of them surprised themselves as to how much they actually enjoyed it!

A special thank you to all the adults that made it such a memorable event for the children by helping with the service.

An excellent trip- there were lots of envious people at Simon de Senlis this afternoon (especially Mr Wainwright!)

Friday’s Hero of Learners

So today’s focus was being ready for learning in between sessions – being able to come off the playground and come back into class switched on for listening and learning, being able to move from one activity to another without being distracted. The children who were ‘on it’ were Theo, Melissa, Maya, Leah and Joshua. Well done! Mrs Lutas popped in to see our Indian artwork today and she left very impressed – well done all! Think of a target for Monday and see if you can convince Mrs Hughes to pick your idea and earn 2p towards your key skills. She will take some convincing so make sure you justify your idea! Good luck!

Thursday’s Hero of Learners

The class decided we should focus on team work for selecting our Heroes. At the end of the day there was one table group that had listened and followed instructions, leaving their work and floor space in an immaculate way. They worked together, guiding each other in their task. So very well done to Isobel, Melissa, Tendaki, Gaby and Zak.

Heroes of Kinetic Letters

Today’s challenge was to demonstrate a use of kinetic letters across all writing. After another great push on our stories the children shared their work on table groups and they had to put forward a Hero of kinetic Letters. There was a buzz around the classroom with healthy discussions and debates as who should be voted the best for their table and why. It was a tough decision but the children voted for Gaby, Charlie and Joshua. One group were at deadlock so as head judge I decided to go for Soozha as she had ‘flicks’ on all her letters, demonstrating she is getting ready for joining. The King of Kinetic Letters is Jay-Jay, a very tough act to beat. Who will rise to the challenge? A special mention to Chloe who missed out by one vote on her table but was extremely gracious in her defeat. What a star! Have a great weekend Mozart, I look forward to reading those finished stories next week.
Mrs S.