India WOW!

We have had a jam packed day full of exciting activities about India. One group said, “The Year 4 area has been turned into an Indian palace! We went to the hall and did some Indian dancing (Jai Ho). We also watched two short videos of Bollywood dancing.” The Indian dress up was a particular favourite.

Our Heroes of Learning today were Theo, Charlie, Gaby, Chloe and Joshua. We will be hunting for heroes tomorrow…


The end of Heroes of Learning

Even though we have already come to the end of our Heroes of Learning topic we hope the children will remember to be Super Heroes in their learning throughout the year.

Why not ask your child ( or you can discuss it with a parent) what it means to be a Hero  of Learning? Make a note and earn 5p for your Key Skills 😉

Our working wall

Our working wall

Maths skills

Thank you to Lottie for her fantastic maths activity she created as part of her key skills. Yesterday we were wowed by William’s starter and we are looking forward to Sophie’s game of bingo!

We played a maths game today. The class managed to beat me. Can they outwit you? Can they outwit Mrs Hughes on Monday?

Play at home and earn 2p

Home Learning

Today we have reviewed our first week of key skills. We were very impressed by the effort the children have put into their tasks. We will be making a WAGOLL wall of the different tasks so if your child is stuck for inspiration they can magpie some ideas. Just to remind you they should be aiming to do a different weekly treat each week and then top up their total with the penny sweets. We had some great feedback from the children and are working together to improve the system. Well done Year 4!


Welcome Back!

What a great first day to the new year. The children have worked hard researching about Mozart and have come up with some interesting questions that they are currently working on finding the answers to. We will be looking at the Summer home learning tomorrow so don’t forget to bring something into to share, if you haven’t already, and don’t forget your PE kits! Looking forward to some more ‘super’ learning tomorrow.
Mrs S